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Thibodaux Regional Medical Center, Enhancing Healthcare Environments: Gator's Role in Infection Control with Solid Surfaces

Enhancing Healthcare Settings: Gator’s Role in Infection Control

In the healthcare industry, innovation and safety are paramount. And at Gator Millworks, we have had the privilege of working with some of the most renowned medical facilities in the region, contributing our skills and knowledge to improve disease control through the use of solid surfaces. 

Solid surfaces in healthcare settings are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they are crucial in the fight against the spread of harmful diseases. These materials, known for their durability, easy maintenance and non-porous nature, play a critical role in healthcare settings such as hospitals, special care facilities, dentist offices and medical research institutes. 

As we delve into our projects, we’ll discover the creative and innovative ways millwork can harness the potential of infectious control surfaces, while still staying up-to-date on the latest styles and trends in commercial spaces.

Gators’ Contributions to Medical Facilities

Cardiovascular Institute of Thibodaux

Cardiovascular Institute of Thibodaux, Enhancing Healthcare Environments: Gator's Role in Infection Control with Solid Surfaces

In our collaboration with the Cardiovascular Institute of Thibodaux, a bold approach was taken to enhance infection control. Solid surfaces are integrated throughout high-traffic areas such as emergency rooms, hallways, nurses stations and patient check-in areas where the risk of contamination is greater. 

Frameless cabinetry is also prominent because it is easier to clean and doesn’t contain as many crevices where bacteria can hide and grow over time. In addition, glass paneling was added to the cabinets in the operating rooms. This allows medical personnel to visually gather what’s inside each cabinet without having to physically open the cabinet door each time and risk the potential transfer of bacteria. 

Along with infectious disease prevention, deep wood accents provide a consistent, cohesive imagery and design to various wall paneling, standing beams and accents throughout the Institute.

New Orleans East Hospital

New Orleans East Hospital

At New Orleans East Hospital, there is a heavy focus on two-layer designs that incorporate both meticulously crafted wood patterns and design, as well as gorgeous head-to-toe marble walls to offset the two styles. The two-toned design adds a sense of luxury and calmness to the space and gives visitors a more relaxing ambiance. 

The wood aspect carries over to individual patient rooms, nurses stations and information desks with the added benefits of infectious control surfaces. The realistic wood design ties together with the rest of the building while also protecting both the patients and medical staff with proper infectious protocol and prevention. 

St. Tammany Hospital

St. Tammany Hospital, Enhancing Healthcare Environments: Gator's Role in Infection Control with Solid Surfaces

At St. Tammany Hospital, there are many uses of solid surfaces from countertops and cabinets to door plaques and desk paneling. In addition, whimsical light fixtures and displays enhance the ambiance of patient rooms. 

The use of light and sheer patterns are prominent throughout numerous welcome desks and nurses stations around the facility. This helps give the hospital some distinct style while keeping the feel light and airy.

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

The Thibodaux Regional Medical Center boasts a myriad of wood finishes and intricate patterns across numerous stories. Frameless cabinetry resides in areas of patient care such as individual rooms, accompanying bathrooms, wellness areas and more.

Throughout other parts of the medical center, frameless cabinetry is used along with solid surface material to control the spread of infectious diseases in areas of higher use with patients such as hospital rooms, individual bathrooms and throughout the nurse and check-up areas. 

Smile Stars Pediatric Dentistry

Smile Stars Pediatric Dentistry, Enhancing Healthcare Environments: Gator's Role in Infection Control with Solid Surfaces

Dentist offices can be especially tricky when it comes to preventing the spread of diseases simply because the main medical focus area is the mouth. Pediatric dentistry, like Smile Stars, only heightens this level of concern as children are more likely to put things near and around their mouths.

As with any other medical facility, solid surfaces were incorporated in as many places as possible. These hygienic surfaces are also a fun addition and contain vibrant colors to appease the children’s growing minds and make going to the dentist less scary. 

Pennington Biomedical

Pennington Biomedical In the realm of medical research at Pennington Biomedical, there are simple designs and sophisticated accents that add sophistication such as the silver trimming on wall paneling and the frosted glass windows on the dividing walls between study cubicles.

Solid surface material and frameless cabinet construction were used for all of the cabinets to make maintenance and upkeep easier and more efficient. In addition, the glass wall dividers in the study area allows for students to study privately and remain at a safe distance to control the spread of infectious diseases.


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