Louisiana State Licensing Board of Contractors

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Louisiana State Licensing Board of Contractors

Baton Rouge, LA 

Building Area: 19,920 SF
Date of Completion: May 20, 2019

Located in a vibrant downtown area, this new headquarters houses the state agency which regulates the construction industry for the entire state. Its primary mission is to uphold the integrity of the construction industry.

As such, many of the reasons for visiting this facility (paying fees, filing applications, giving deposition, attending hearings) can feel like negative experiences. The challenge to the Architects was to create an environment that transforms these visits into positive, inspiring experiences that leave the members with a strong sense of pride in their industry.

The intention in the design of the building was to provide an uplifting, dignified, and transparent environment that allows for more efficient and positive interactions between the Licensing Board staff and the Contractor/Client.

The ground floor of the building houses the most public functions, including an inviting lobby, reception, large public hearing room, and office space for applications division. The upper two levels include offices for the Licensing Board administration, testing rooms for contractors certifications, and investigative and records divisions.