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The Benefits of Soft-Close Cabinets

The Benefits of Soft-Close Cabinets

The Benefits of Soft-Close Cabinets

Soft-close cabinets are all the rage these days. They take the look and feel of regular cabinets and combine them with the luxury and sophistication of modern technology. These cabinets are great for people with kids, a busy lifestyle, or anyone who just likes the finer things in life. While there are many reasons why soft-close cabinetry is beneficial, the main perks are its durability, quietness, and prevention of injury.

1. Durability

Regular cabinets cause more wear and tear over time due to the subconscious act of closing them too hard. Because of that, the doors are hitting the cabinet box with greater force, causing small damage over time that creates a decrease in durability. With soft-close cabinets, the doors are slower to close, meaning it’s a softer impact on the cabinet box and the door itself, thus, giving it a longer lifespan. This also reduces the amount of maintenance the cabinets will need, saving you money in the long run.

2. Quieter 

Because soft-close cabinets are slower to close than regular cabinets, the impact on the cabinet box isn’t as forceful. Sound is made when two things collide and cause a vibration. Essentially, that vibration’s sound waves produce noise or sound. The more force you use, the bigger the vibrations and the louder the noise. With soft-close cabinets, you don’t need much force because the hinges automatically slow the cabinet down, causing it to have a smaller vibration which produces less sound. This can be beneficial to those who are sensitive to sound or just simply want a calmer home with less noise.

3. Prevents Injury

Because soft-close cabinets slow the force of the cabinet, you’re less likely to jam a finger or cause an injury. This is super beneficial to those who have small children at home. Accidentally shutting the door on a finger is never fun. With soft-close cabinets, you’re more likely to have time to move those fingers away from the danger zone!

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