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At Gator, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality woodwork and outstanding customer service. We promise to always deliver products that will be admired for years to come. With top of the line technology and a team set to take you from planning to installation we are the industry leader ready to make visions come to life.

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Weber Residence, Modern Millwork

What Is Modern Millwork?

Authentic modern design goes beyond the current trends and stands the test of time. What sets modern millwork apart from contemporary and other “new” design styles is its unwavering commitment to clean, precise lines in both design and production. 

Unlike other aesthetics that lean on accessories and decor to hide manufacturing mishaps or establish a focal point, modern design epitomizes minimalism, putting precision at the forefront. Modern millwork, encompassing the design, engineering, and production of custom woodwork, demands a meticulous and time-intensive process to ensure precision and quality. 

From the initial concept and design phase, where every detail is carefully considered to meet specifications, to the engineering phase that involves precise measurements and calculations, the process can take several weeks or even months. Once the designs are finalized, the production phase requires the skilled craftsmanship of artisans to transform raw materials into exquisite pieces of millwork. 

Mire Residence

The Mire Residence boasts a modern minimalist aesthetic with a warm neutral Scandinavian color pallet.

  • Integrated appliances, flush installation.
  • Low sheen close to the wood finishing system gives a natural look yet has durability of a standard finish.
  • Automation of cabinet doors with push to open and close features.
  • Free-floating cabinetry design.

It adheres to the “less is more” philosophy, leaving no room for concealing errors. What may seem simple is, in reality, made intricate by the diligence and accuracy required to produce the work flawlessly.

Modern design, especially frameless millwork, has emerged as a product of the advanced automation and engineering capabilities that arrived in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, mainly in Europe. 

While a skilled craftsman can certainly tackle such work, projects of significant complexity and scale (scope) demand detailed digital planning and the pinpoint accuracy that only CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery operating within extremely tight tolerances can achieve. 

Weber Residence

The Weber Residence consists of modern industrial design featuring dramatic veneer patterning, free-floating island and custom metal fabrications.

  • Custom veneered pattern matched Australian Walnut Veneer in horizontal grain flow pattern.
  • Designed unique island appears to float off the floor as supported by steel I-beams and concealed structural support.
  • Metal and glass cabinet door system with automated push to open and close feature.
  • Integrated appliances, flush installation and push to open feature.
  • Integrated LED lighting.


Incorporating pre-machining for modern LED lighting, motion systems, seamlessly integrated cabinet pulls, interior appointments and built-in appliances is not an afterthought but the foundation of the process.

Automated finishing systems ensure the uniformity of the application, maintaining consistency from initial samples to the final delivered product. Implementing various engineering software options, adding the precision and predictability of modern CNC-controlled machinery, and applying top-notch finishes is crucial for success in this area.

Gator Millworks possesses the knowledge, experience, skilled workforce and manufacturing capabilities to excel in this environment, setting a high standard for excellence. 

Greystone Residence

The Greystone Residence has a modern home office featuring a pattern-matched veneer ceiling cloud and feature wall. It also has integrated doorways and LED lighting. The credenza has a unique flush bi-pass door system for ease of access.

  • Pattern matched Fumed Eucalyptus Veneer ceiling cloud and featured wall system with LED lighting and concealed doorways.
  • Free floating desk credenza with super matte acrylic finish and flush bi-pass door system.
  • Steel and acrylic desk fabrication.
  • Custom LED mirrors.



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